Report Expenses from your E-Mail with Finly’s Web Browser Extension

Report Expenses from your E-Mail with Finly’s Web Browser Extension

expense reporting

Expense reporting is a very important aspect of finance management. Finly users love the way our flawless expense management system fits into the way they work. They might be in the office booking their next trip, taking a cab to a client meeting, having dinner with a customer, checking out of a hotel, or at the airport gas station topping off the rental car. Whatever the situation, they need a way to get the receipt into their expense reports without a hassle.

That is why Finly is introducing chrome web browser extension.  This extension helps you automatically capture expense information from receipts inside your email and create expense reports on the fly.

Why did Finly come up with chrome extension?

Most vendors are transitioning to the process of sharing e-receipts over your email.  We know how hard your team members will working all throughout the day. Most of their expenses are travel related, be it a taxi ride through an Uber or a flight booking through an online Self Booking Tool. They’ve to travel to different locations, meet different people and they are exhausted by end of the day. It’s really difficult for them to keep a track of all the expense that occurs and keeping a stack of receipts, manually updating the expense sheet, writing emails for approvals is not an easy task. With Finly Chrome Extension, they can now report all their expenses through their mailbox with a single step.

How does Finly chrome extension work?

expense reporting

Once the chrome extension is installed, open the email & click on the button that is visible to the top right of the mailbox. You can also forward this email to [email protected]

On performing the above action, it records the transaction on Finly’s Expense Management System along with the digital receipt as an attachment.

Finly uses cutting edge technology powered by data mining engine to recognize patterns in your emails like expense date, amount, merchant name and category so that our customers don’t have to enter anything manually.

What does Finly chrome extension do?

expense reporting

Finly’s receipt management saves time by eliminating manual data entry for employees, make your expense management paperless and helps them to keep track of all receipts. Expense reports can now be created in a single click once the user has recorded the expenses your approver/manager will be automatically notified about the pending approval. Once approved payment can be processed in within no time through Finly Expense Management System.

expense reporting

What kind of email client does Finly extension support?

There is flawless support on the Google Chrome browser. In case you’re using other email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo, AOL etc., then don’t worry. We have got a solution just for you! Forward your receipts to [email protected] and our system will automatically detect and create your expense reports just like you need. You can then share it with your manager for the further approval process. A complete hassle-free solution brought to you by Finly!

Add your Finly’s Chrome Extension now and automate your expenses. More importantly, you’ll save time.


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